At the initiative of Kharkiv Regional State Administration KhNURE, Kharkiv National Economic University. S. Kuznets, KarazinStartups project and Kharkiv Regional Association "Youth Initiative" was launched in Kharkiv project "Kharkiv StartUp Factory".


Its main goal - to support the implementation of creative ideas of talented youth. During the project participants - students of Kharkiv universities, young teachers, talented representatives of the IT business - will be able to gain knowledge from leading experts in the field of ICT, including from foreign experts. Moreover, their ideas and their knowledge, participants will try to implement to address existing plants in Kharkiv region. To support young people and share their experiences initiating and doing business will be leading local entrepreneurs and experts from the United States.


This project, which will involve about 20 teams of talented young people, is a platform for the implementation of bold and unconventional ideas. Organizers expect him innovative solutions that have a chance to be implemented in practice. Also, it is a great opportunity incredible talent, which is extremely rich in Kharkiv, make themselves known.



Project "Kharkiv StartUp Factory" aimed at creating conditions for the design, development and implementation of youth startups in ICT by implementing training system in Kharkiv and promoting business ideas and scientific developments. The first component of the project will run until March 2016


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